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Bauma offers you real custom work!

Customize your scale and benefit from our BAUMA exclusive Service!

We keep what we promise! You get your scale unique, colorful and special!

Choose between:

base coats
special scales
(from a purchase quantity of 200 pieces)
special lengths
(1m, 3m and 4m –
in addition to the basic length 2m)

Choose your Base Coat

As the ONLY scale manufacturer worldwide ,we offer you a colorful range of colors in all our products.

19 basic colors are available to you with individual printing from a purchase quantity of 200 pieces. As a rule, a lighter and darker tone is always available for each shade, but also shiny metallic colors such as gold and silver.

In our BAUMA exclusive Service we also offer your special color from a purchase quantity of approx. 3,000 pieces. In addition, different painted strips are possible.

Play with the colors and assemble your unique scale!

Choose your Special Scaling

As standard, BAUMA offers the scale with so-called duplex division on both sides and in the opposite direction, as well as in metric cm unit.

BAUMA also offers the graduation on the 2nd link as standard for all block scales. You can get our model B400 or B450 (with extra charge) also with special classifications customary in the trade from a purchase quantity of 200 pieces. In principle, our special scalings are also possible in your desired colors.

Of course, our manufactory also manufactures your individual and special scaling, if it is feasible!

BAUMA offers you real custom work!

Choose your Scale Length

A 2m long scale is the most common variant of a scale.

Equally popular, however, are standards in 3m length.

Our manufactory also offers other lengths. Whether a 5-membered 1m scale, or other lengths, such as e.g. 2,20m or 2,40m, etc., all are in great demand and can be realized by us!

BAUMA exclusive Service also produces in your desired length (if feasible).

Choose unique Prints

BAUMA is extremely innovative and strives to be at the cutting edge of printing technology:

Being the first in the industry, digital printing has been established on a benchmark, as well as creating image prints with white underlays on colorful yardsticks.

There are hardly any limits to the imagination. Whether product images, photos of your company, pictures of employees, landscapes or art prints – we realize your desired motives.

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