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And always with you – your advertising!

Our model CM 5200 is a very robust knife that is as popular and popular with our customers as the 2m folding rule!

Wherever work is done, there is always something to cut – whether it’s material itself or packaging that needs to be opened.

The CM 5200 is a so-called 2-component knife: the PAK-free rubber jacket is integrated into the plastic housing.

An automatically locking stopper prevents the required fixing of the blade and makes working easier. The feed is very smooth and the knife is also very good in the hand.

It comes standard with three blades, one blade in the barrel and two more in the magazine. These blades are also very easy to change and are triple sharpened, so they last much longer than conventional blades.

Our CM 5200 is available in black, gray, blue, red, orange, green and yellow. Special colors are available on request. Rubber housings, stoppers and end caps are always black. On the back you will find enough space for your individual advertising in the form of Doming stickers. On request, you can also get the CM 5200 in a neutral single packaging!

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