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Yardstick printing – The perfect giveaway

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Get your yardstick printed – With your desired imprint

Are you in need of personalized yardsticks or looking to have your existing folding rules printed and using them as a giveaway? Look no further, as we are your perfect partner for this task. We offer top-notch folding rule advertising and tailor-made printing to meet your specific requirements. Our services include printing on both the front and back surfaces, with the option to use different designs if desired. Our portfolio encompasses a wide range of options, from unique gadgets to birthday messages and amusing quotes. If you prefer to start with a small sample quantity, we can accommodate that as well. We are happy to fulfill orders of any size!

Get your meter stick custom printed – Your advantages with Bauer Massstabfabrik

Every craftsman needs yardsticks, as they are extremely practical tools. From being an essential household item for amateurs to high-quality equipment for professional craftsmen, a yardstick can be just about anything. However, there is one thing a meter stick should not be: unprinted. That’s because a folding rule is simply the perfect advertising medium to create a good impression with customers.

We are your advertising professionals for printed yardsticks, serving as giveaways. You can get your meter stick with your own advertising from us as a high-quality tool or an affordable promotional item. Your advantages with meter stick printing are:

  • Yardstick advertising with BAUMA makes sense
  • Custom product selection for every advertising purpose & as a giveaway
  • Customer satisfaction is a priority at BAUMA
  • Benefit from our 70 years of experience
  • Wide range of quality products with a good price-performance ratio
  • On-time delivery and flexible scheduling upon agreement
  • Individual customizations according to your vision and needs
Zollstock als Werbegeschenk - Giveaway

With over 150 years of expertise in scale manufacturing, we can fulfill almost any customer request. Our wealth of experience serves as the background for supporting you on your path to individual advertising with meter sticks.

As you can see, promotional items are particularly beneficial for craftsmen and craft businesses. Printing on yardsticks, spirit levels, and measuring tapes is ideal because these products are essential to daily work! When printed with your company logo, they create a professional impression and are less likely to get lost!

Get your meter stick custom printed – Individual, unique & comprehensive

Our extensive and innovative range ensures the perfect folding rule advertising with a personalized imprint. When you want to print a meter stick, the product must precisely meet your advertising requirements.

We demonstrated our innovative strength back in the 1980s when BAUMA invented and patented the 90-degree snap-in angle bracket, which remains our most successful scale fitting to this day. As a result, our B400 model has become a top seller.

Do you want to print a specific meter stick as a giveaway for your discerning customers? In addition, we can offer you this selection of various products:

Whether you want to print a meter stick on both sides or place a small order, BAUMA is always the right choice when it comes to yardsticks as promotional items.

Yardstick with name, logo & text

We are pleased to advise you on the product selection for your personalized promotional items. Customize your yardsticks according to your preferences.

Our range of 19 basic lacquers, supplemented by 10 additional special lacquers, leaves no advertising desires unfulfilled. Different lacquered strips are also possible. Our promotional yardsticks come in lengths ranging from 0.5 to 4 meters. Share your requests for special scaling or specific color preferences.

The freedom of design is ensured by image printing with white backing on colorful yardsticks. Any image or photo can be printed on the yardsticks, just like your custom company logo. Advertising with yardsticks is our specialty, and providing service-oriented customer care is our commitment. With us, your yardstick becomes a unique promotional item. Whether you want to realize your cost-effective yardstick advertising or are looking for a particularly high-quality giveaway, BAUMA turns your advertising wishes into reality.

Meterstab bedrucken
full-coverage prints

We can usually fulfill your wishes with our range of 19 basic lacquers, and we also offer 10 additional special lacquers. We print your custom meter stick extensively, including your own images. Challenge us with your demands. From affordable colorful giveaways to high-end promotional gifts, we offer a wide range of yardstick advertising products.

Together, we will find the advertising solution that suits your individual requirements. BAUMA will then transform the result into the perfect meter stick advertising for your purposes. As mentioned before, we print and manufacture yardsticks according to your individual wishes. The possibilities are almost limitless. For example, you have the option to print a personal photo, image, design, name, or text. Combinations are also possible.

Yardstick with name, logo & text

Folding rules are indispensable for professional craftsmen as well as DIY enthusiasts. Yardsticks with custom prints are versatile and can be used as professional measuring tools or affordable giveaways. They are a true classic choice for customer gifts. In the field of advertising, yardsticks are essential for the crafts sector.

Printing meter stick advertising

The folding ruler is particularly suitable for company advertising because everyone can use this practical tool. Simple yardsticks are part of the essential inventory in households, while high-quality measuring sticks are used in crafts and industries. As a manufacturer and distributor, BAUMA offers you a complete package for your yardstick giveaways. Are you looking to advertise with yardsticks?

  • We provide consultation regarding the imprint
  • We offer a selection of products in varying qualities
  • We guarantee on-time delivery


Do you want to print yardsticks or other measuring tools and use them as giveaways?

We are happy to provide you with non-binding and free consultation. Please reach out to us via the contact form or call us at +49(0)868289850.

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Bauer Massstabfabrik specializes in manufacturing high-quality, individually designed measuring tools under the motto “Made in Germany.” Our product range includes various items such as image prints on brightly lacquered yardsticks, tape measures, utility knives, and spirit levels.


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Do you need to print yardsticks or other measuring tools?

We are happy to provide you with non-binding and free consultation. Please reach out to us via the contact form or call us at +49(0)868289850.

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