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Utility Knifes

Safety Knife CM 2300

This knife can only be cut if you push the blade forward with your thumb. As soon as you release the thumb, the blade jumps backwards and is safely sunk in the metal guide.

Utility Knife CM 4200

A zinc die-cast housing gives the knife a very noble appearance and is particularly light. In addition, the CM 4200 is provided with an extremely sharp blade.

Utility Knife CM 5200

Our model CM 5200 is a very robust knife that is as popular and popular with our customers as the 2m folding rule! It comes standard with three blades.

Utility Knife CM 8200

This model has a special feature: housing and blades are absolutely rust-free! An ideal supplement for craftsmen and for difficult conditions.

Utility Knife CM 7200

It is characterized by its specially sharpened SK4-05 blade and the robust 2-component housing. The blade guide is made entirely of metal. The knife comes standard with three blades.

Safety Knife CM 9200

You can only cut when you push the blade forward with your thumb. As soon as you release the thumb, the blade jumps backwards and is safely lowered into the metal guide.

Utility Knife CM 6200

The knife model CM 6200 is equipped with a practical bottle opener and an ABS plastic housing with non-slip, PAH-free rubber jacket.

Utility Knife CM 6300

This safety knife comes with a handy bottle opener and ABS plastic housing. It also has a PAH-free rubber coat.

Crafts Knife

Particularly noteworthy is the elegant look of the noble black blade, the multi-business and also absolutely rust-free. Two additional cable cutters help with all kinds of cutting work.

What is a utility knife?

A utility knife, also known as a carpet knife, Japanese knife, cutter, or Stanley knife, is a sharp tool with special features, mainly related to the blades. The fundamental difference between these knives lies in the retractable blade (snap-off blade) and the replaceable blades. With replaceable blade knives, the entire blade is replaced with a new one when it becomes dull. These knives, whether with fixed or retractable blades, can be equipped with trapezoid blades for regular cutting tasks or hook blades for cutting carpets. On the other hand, modern snap-off blades have a series of break-off points, allowing the front edge to be broken off after wear, revealing a sharp back edge.

Utility Knife – Applications & Quality

Utility knives, with snap-off blades or safety blades, are highly versatile due to their longer blades and are popular among hobbyists. They are also widely used by DIY enthusiasts and various companies in the manufacturing and processing industries. This utility knife can cut wallpapers, papers, cable jackets, foils, tapes, fabrics, plastics, carpets, and more. The maximum blade length is 8 cm, making even a professional utility knife suitable for cutting foam. The quality of the blade, handle, and blade slider are the three main differentiating factors of a blade cutter. The higher the quality of the knife, the longer its lifespan, and the easier it is to handle.

Buying a Utility Knife – What to Consider

Entry-Level Utility Knife: Entry-level utility knives often have simple, lightweight plastic housings that can be partially or completely opened to allow for the insertion of snap-off disposable blades. The feeding is usually done in stages. Some cheaper models also come with safety features. The blade automatically retracts when not in use, and you release the button to extend the blade. Entry-level devices are great basics because they can still cut sharply with inexpensive utility blades. However, if you frequently use such tools, we recommend a utility knife with a more comfortable grip.

Mid-Range Utility Knife: Slightly more comfortable are knives with mostly simple metal housings or slightly more robust plastic knives that offer increased stability. Metal blade guides make feeding easy and straightforward. Models with a locking screw allow for continuous adjustment and locking of the cutting edge.

Professional Utility Knife: Frequent users or professionals will require this type of tool as the ergonomically shaped metal or sturdy ABS plastic housing is ideal for frequent use. Although it may add a little more weight, the tool usually fits well in the hand. Soft grip zones also ensure a secure and comfortable handling. The model with tool-less blade change makes work practical and efficient. There are also devices with two blades available, which can be extruded separately, allowing you to switch between trapezoid blades and special hook blades during use, for example.

Utility Knife in Company Color and Customizations

From 2,500 units, we can manufacture the desired knife in your company color. Other knife models available upon request.

Questions & Answers


Safety cutters are functional tools with diverse applications. Almost every toolbox contains such a knife. Therefore, the practical and handy cutters are ideal for promotional imprints.

When you purchase utility knives from BAUMA, we not only offer individually tailored industry solutions but also provide advice on using the tools as promotional items.

From personalized imprints to fulfilling your special requests such as a custom color, you get the entire package from us. Our safety knives not only guarantee precision cuts but also deliver impactful advertising effects.

The product quality of BAUMA knives is based on the highest safety criteria. Moreover, we attach great importance to the fact that each BAUMA knife is tested, refined, and packaged at our factory in Laufen, Bavaria. BAUMA is also on the path to becoming a market leader in the field of utility knives with custom printing. An optimized price-performance ratio, exclusive inventions, and products available only at BAUMA set us apart.

Our production priorities:

  • In-house production high-quality standards
  • Quality management

Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified. The entire quality assurance process takes place on-site at our factory.

  • Supplier management

Our trading goods come from proven partners, some of whom produce exclusively for our manufacture according to individual specifications.

  • Tradition

The BAUMA Bauer measuring scale factory was founded in 1948 and represents many years of experience and well-founded expertise in the field of safety and utility knives.

Utility knives are cutting tools with a wide range of applications. They are used not only in private settings but also in various industries and crafts.

Their applications are diverse and include:

  • Marking by scoring
  • Opening packages
  • Removing excess material
  • Cutting binding materials during packaging
  • Cutting various materials

If you buy a utility knife from BAUMA, you can be assured of getting quality products at good prices. Our range offers the right tool for every application.

Our catalogs offer the following items for online direct ordering:

  • Safety knives with automatic blade retraction and locking function
  • Professional utility knives with zinc die-cast housing and exceptionally sharp blade
  • Utility knives with magazine and automatic stopper
  • Robust and rust-free utility knives for craftsmen
  • Safety knives with specially sharpened SK4-05 blades
  • Safety knives with bottle opener
  • Utility knives for both right and left-handed users
  • Craftsman knives with additional cable cutter
  • Craftsman knives with trapezoidal blades