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Building & Craftsman pencils
construction pencils made in germany

The Carpenter Pencil

It is ideal for writing on wood and bricks, but is also an absolute all-rounder for the construction site.

3-Edge Multi-Pen

Since it does not get started so quickly because of its special shape, it is especially popular with plumbers and roofers.

Steinhauer Pen

The 8H mine is very robust and allows working on rough and uneven surfaces.

Industry Sharpener

Our sharpeners are equipped with very sharp knives, as a pencil lead is made of a very hard mixture of clay and graphite.

Questions & Answers


BAUMA customer service offers expert advice on using construction pencils as promotional items. Carpenter pencils make ideal customer gifts in the construction industry, but the advertising area diminishes with sharpening. However, with the triangular pencil, this won’t happen. With one-sided printing and a dipping cap, the advertising print on this construction pencil lasts for a long time. Another advantage of this promotional option is the three available advertising surfaces. Any questions? The friendly BAUMA customer service has the answers. Whether it’s about customizations or specific color preferences, our team is happy to assist you with advice.

This carpenter pencil is excellent for marking on wood, bricks, or other construction materials. A true all-rounder that no trade can do without.


  • Available in lengths of 24 to 25 centimeters
  • Made from lime, pine, or cedar wood
  • Available in nine base lacquers
  • With advertising print starting from 576 pieces
  • Can be ordered in oval or square shape
  • Available in sharpened or unsharpened versions
  • HB lead, fully grooved

The all-rounder among construction pencils. This carpenter pencil writes on almost all materials, making the 3-sided Multigraf pencil superior to other construction pencils. Suitable for plastic, ceramics, tiles, textiles, and glass. Another advantage is its shape, as the pencil is less prone to rolling. This feature is particularly appreciated by roofers and metalworkers.


  • Soft lead allows writing on wet surfaces
  • Marks are washable
  • Made from lime wood
  • Comes with a dipping cap as standard
  • 2B lead, fully grooved

The perfect carpenter pencil for writing on hard and porous surfaces. The lead is particularly sturdy, allowing markings or drawings on concrete, stone, bricks, or plaster.


  • With advertising print starting from 576 pieces
  • Comes as standard in the color white
  • Customizations available upon request
  • 6H lead, fully grooved