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Bauma Exclusive Service is a Premium Service that Bauer offers to its customers.

Our manufactory already offers many special services. This already takes place from small quantities. In addition, we offer you more individual and special services. Your special scaling, in your house colors colored special paint, a special dimension or individual packaging.
The BAUMA exclusive service applies to all BAUMA items.

Plastic measuring sticks in special colors, special scaling, spirit levels in all lengths and colors, oversized pencils, magnetic pencils, special tape measure or special craft knife.

Our BAUMA exclusive Service offers you even more uniqueness:

  • be it your special company color (from a purchase quantity of approx. 3,000 pieces according to Pantone, RAL or HKS)
  • a special scaling (e.g., decades, inches, etc.) or
  • a special length measure (for example 2.10m, 2.20m, 2.40m, etc.)

BAUMA exclusive Service also offers individual packaging.

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