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And always with you – your advertising!

You can only cut with this knife if you push the blade forward with your thumb. As soon as you release the thumb, the blade jumps backwards and is safely sunk in the metal guide. The very sharp trapezoid blade is easy to change.

This is a so-called 2-component knife, i. H. It consists of an ABS plastic housing and is coated with a PAH-free rubber jacket. This jacket provides a secure and comfortable hold especially in the grip area.

On the back your individual advertisement is attached by means of a strongly adhering Doming sticker. This is designed and manufactured in Germany according to your wishes.

The CM 9200 is not only a successful giveaway for the economy and industry, but also a useful helper in the household.

The long term benefits of this giveaway are high and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the value for money.

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Weltneuheit bei Bauma

Unsere patentierter Maßstab mit der dauerhaft wirkenden antimikrobiellen Oberfläche.