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BAUMA Spirit levels

Our spirit levels revolutionize the design and functionality of measuring tools

Revolutionary BAUMA Spirit Levels: Enhanced visibility in new dimensions

  • Highly visible red bubble level edge
  • Quick alignment between the markings
  • Easy reading due to angled bubbles
  • Precise leveling results
  • The transparent bubble liquid, combined with the red background, significantly improves the visibility of the bubble level. Currently, there is no better bubble level available in the market.

Currently available for our spirit level models: WW FALCON, WW JET, and WW SMART.


BAUMA spirit levels offer reinforced profiles. Shock-absorbing end caps protect the profile and the level’s characteristics. Rubber wall grips provide a secure hold on various surfaces. Machined measuring surfaces (up to 120 cm) and optionally with a V-groove for round profiles. Our spirit levels are designed for professional and robust use on construction sites. The acrylic block vials used in all aluminum and cast spirit levels are individually machine-manufactured. We are confident in our unique quality and offer a 20-YEAR WARRANTY against leaking or breakage of our block vials. Our spirit levels are certified by VPA for all dimensional and technical specifications.

See for yourself our extensive and innovative range of spirit levels


The model LAG can be finished with your logo or a full-screen image. Optionally and on request, the spirit levels with a magnetic version are also available in other colors.


LAG 3 IN 1 SET WATER SCALE Model LAG with extendable scale pen tray. The right tool at hand at any time!


THIS PROFESSIONAL WATER SCALE IS EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE ONLY AT BAUMA! A qualitative milestone and a high quality gift for your customers.

Questions & Answers


You have decided to use spirit levels as promotional items? BAUMA is both a manufacturer and a distributor and can provide you with the complete package for your promotional gifts.

Corporate customer consulting includes all aspects related to printing, provides all information about the various products, and introduces our comprehensive services.

With the competent BAUMA consultation regarding promotional items, you will also find the perfect product for your impactful advertising campaign. Our reliable customer service delivers orders punctually and promptly.

With integrated magnets, a spirit level becomes an even more premium gift for your customers. The BAUMA Magneto effortlessly outperforms any other level. While other models are also available with magnets, this product is our highlight among professional spirit levels. The high-quality tool features a white powder coating and is equipped with three vials. The measuring accuracy is 0.5 millimeters per meter. The technical application of this spirit level is particularly comfortable thanks to the rubberized and ergonomically shaped handle. The length of 50 centimeters has proven to be ideal for work use. However, what sets the Magneto model apart is its extremely strong magnets, hidden discreetly below the decorative strip.

Any craftsman customer will appreciate such a high-quality promotional gift. Therefore, this tool is the ideal promotional item for special occasions. Take advantage of BAUMA’s professional consultation and find your optimal promotional product.

The quality of a professional spirit level is confirmed by the certification according to the ISO 9001 standard. At BAUMA, you get quality products Made in Germany. Each spirit level you purchase from us is individually calibrated and thoroughly inspected by certified experts. Therefore, we can guarantee the quality of each individual level.

The type of spirit level you need depends on your specific requirements. For basic DIY tasks such as hanging pictures or installing shelves, a standard plastic or aluminum spirit level is sufficient. However, if you require more precise measurements or work in the construction industry, you should consider a higher-quality and more accurate spirit level, such as a digital spirit level or a laser spirit level. If you often work on metallic surfaces, a magnetic spirit level can also be helpful. Overall, you should choose a spirit level that is suitable for your specific needs and provides you with the desired level of accuracy.

Pay attention to the following quality criteria when making a purchase:

  • High measuring accuracy and optimal measurement tolerance
  • Optimal profile weight per meter
  • At least two vials, allowing for both vertical and horizontal measurements to be easily conducted
  • Robust and shock-absorbing hard rubber end caps enable slip-free measurements, ensuring secure placement on the measuring surface for precise readings
  • BAUMA spirit levels are also available with magnets, expanding their versatility in various applications
  • A professional spirit level with a retractable ruler compartment is an extremely practical customer gift
  • Measuring tools can be customized with your company logo, a personalized doming sticker, or a full-surface image, making them the ideal promotional gift for the trade.

A spirit level contains a bubble surrounded by a liquid, typically spirit or ethanol. When the spirit level is placed on a horizontal surface, the bubble centers itself between the markings, indicating that the surface is level. When the spirit level is placed on a vertical surface, the bubble centers itself vertically between the markings.

The accuracy of a spirit level depends on the quality of its manufacturing and calibration. Generally, most spirit levels have an accuracy of +/- 0.5 to 1.0 mm/m.

To check the accuracy of a spirit level, there are several methods:

  1. Use another spirit level: Place the spirit level to be checked and another spirit level on a level surface and compare the results.
  2. Use a reference surface: Place the spirit level on a flat reference surface, such as a table edge or shelf surface, and check if the bubble remains centered.
  3. Use a test block: If high accuracy is required, you can use specialized test blocks with known heights and place them on the spirit level. Then, check if the bubble remains centered.

It is essential to regularly check the accuracy of your spirit level to ensure that it provides accurate measurements.

To calibrate a spirit level, place it on a level surface and ensure that the bubble is centered between the markings. If the bubble is not centered, you can calibrate it by using adjustment screws on the spirit level or by adding or removing material under the spirit level.

It is recommended to calibrate a spirit level at least once a year to ensure it is always accurate. However, if you frequently use your spirit level or if it has been subjected to rough handling during transportation or storage, you should calibrate it more often.

A good spirit level should be accurate, durable, easy to read, and simple to use. It should also be robust enough to withstand the demands of daily use.

Spirit levels can be made from various materials, including aluminum, steel, plastic, and wood.

Use a spirit level and a pen: Attach the spirit level to the ceiling and adjust it until the bubble is centered. Mark the line with a pencil or marker along the edge of the spirit level.

For household use, a spirit level with a length of 60 cm (approximately 24 inches) is usually sufficient. However, spirit levels can also be smaller or even longer. For DIY purposes, a spirit level should not be shorter than 40 cm (approximately 16 inches). Masons may use spirit levels with lengths up to 200 cm (approximately 79 inches).

A magnetic spirit level has the advantage of adhering to metallic surfaces, which makes working with it easier. For instance, you can attach it to a metal pipe to ensure it is horizontally or vertically aligned. This is particularly useful in metalworking projects, but also in DIY projects where you need to install heavy or bulky objects that are challenging to align.

To read a spirit level correctly, you need to closely observe the bubble vials (the small tubes with liquid). The bubble should be precisely centered between the markings to indicate a level or straight surface. If the bubble is not centered, you need to adjust the surface until it becomes level or straight. It is essential to check the spirit level on both sides of the surface you are measuring to ensure that the surface is entirely level or straight.

A spirit level is an essential hand tool used for aligning and measuring inclinations and angles. It is used to ensure that surfaces are horizontally or vertically aligned, resulting in a perfect outcome for construction or renovation projects. A spirit level consists of a horizontal vial located between two vertical markings to indicate the horizon. The vial is filled with liquid to ensure it stays on the horizontal plane.

The accuracy and precision of a spirit level depend on its calibration, which affects measurement accuracy. An uncalibrated spirit level can provide inaccurate measurements, leading to undesirable results. Therefore, it is important to calibrate the spirit level regularly to maintain its accuracy.

There are different types of spirit levels, including magnetic, digital, and laser spirit levels. Magnetic spirit levels are equipped with magnets to adhere to metal surfaces. Digital spirit levels display measurements on an LCD screen and can provide readings in degrees, percent, and millimeters per meter. Laser spirit levels use a laser beam to project a horizontal or vertical line on the wall, making them ideal for large distances.

The choice of spirit level depends on the project’s requirements. When high precision is needed, traditional high-accuracy spirit levels are the best choice, while digital and laser spirit levels are helpful for larger distances and uneven surfaces. It is essential to consider the spirit level’s measurement accuracy to ensure that the measurements meet the project’s demands.

Overall, the spirit level is an indispensable tool for those seeking accuracy and precision in their construction or renovation projects. It is important to have a calibrated spirit level tailored to the project’s requirements to obtain accurate measurements. With the right spirit level and proper usage, you can ensure the successful completion of your projects.

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