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Our Products

Individually printed construction products such as scales, tape measure or utility knife are ideal for promotional purposes, because they are needed for a lifetime. The high-quality production in our scale factory in Laufen, Bavaria, you get a product that is the perfect companion for everyday life.

All our construction products can be individually designed to give a unique design. Printed with your company logo and an unbeatable slogan you convince your existing customers and also gain new ones. Stay unique!

We use state-of-the-art technology and finish the products in pad printing, digital printing or with doming stickers.

Our tools - available with your advertising upon request

Already from 200 pieces we deliver, for example our B400 in 19 different colors. If your desired color is not there – no problem – also special paints are feasible.

Our tape measures perfectly combine functionality, long-term stability and elegant advertising. We offer these in different models, colors and lengths.

Besides a reliable measuring tool, a good knife is indispensable for working. We offer a large assortment of professional knives and for your advertising.

With us you get an individual consultation and a tailor-made compilation from our assortment. Professional spirit levels in many colors and from small quantities available.

We are happy to print or emboss all pencils with your individual advertising! Our construction kits are available in many colors, shapes and different mines.

Discover our Holster and Packaging solutions with custom printing. High-quality products for your branding needs. Wide color and design selection. Perfect fit for your items.

Our tools - with your advertising upon request

Individually printed hand tools such as rulers, tape measures, or utility knives are ideal for promotional purposes, as they are used for a lifetime. Thanks to our high-quality production in our scale factory in Laufen, Bavaria, you will receive a product that is the perfect everyday companion.

All our tools can be individually designed, giving them a unique design. Printed with your company logo and an unbeatable slogan, you will convince your existing customers and gain new ones. Stay distinctive!

To achieve this, we use state-of-the-art technologies and finish the products with pad printing, digital printing, or doming stickers.

Product recommendations by industry

Drywall construction
Tile craftsmanship
Masonry craftsmanship
Architects and planners
Metal construction
Roofing craftsmanship
Drywall construction
Work at heights
Heating - Plumbing - Climate
Scaffolding construction
Wood specialists
Electrician craftsmanship
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First and foremost, we are all craftsmen – whether at home or at work. Measurement happens everywhere, even when evaluating others’ performance. Set standards or make yourself known to your target audience with a BAUMA tool featuring your advertising. Stay memorably sustainable with a product that is durable in use and passes through the hands of many craftsmen and potential customers.

With special customizations in your company color to attract attention or a special size to showcase prominence. Tailored solutions for your project through our production facility – 100% MADE IN GERMANY and our BAUMA Exclusive Service.

From raw material to manufacturing, and from printing to the right individual packaging for the best possible presentation.

Scales – Folding Rules – Yardsticks – Folding Scales

The promotional tool suitable for the entire industry, regardless of craft activities.

We have customers from the trades listed below, but also from: medicine, food industry, automotive industry, media, service sector, etc.

Folding Ruler B850:

A high-quality plastic ruler with a beneficial scale for measuring short distances like tiles – recommended for work in humid environments.

Multigraf Pen:

Writes on smooth surfaces such as plastic, ceramic, and tiles.

Folding Ruler B400:

This wooden folding ruler is available with our tile division according to common tile standards.

Folding Ruler B400 – Masonry Layer Measurement

This wooden folding rule is available with the masonry layer measurement.

Triangular Architect

A 3-sided, black-anodized aluminum ruler for planners and architectural drafters. 100% Made in Germany. 3 different scales in possible dimensions: 1:20, 1:25, 1:50, 1:75, 1:100, and 1:125

Folding Rules/Scales

The reliable, traditional wooden folding ruler with your own logo is always a good choice.

Multigraf Pen

Writes on smooth surfaces like metal.

Tape Measures

High-quality tape measures with accuracy class II are recommended for this industry – optionally available with a magnet.

Multigraf Pen

Writes on smooth surfaces like roof sheets.

Utility Knife CM6200

This utility knife is compatible with regular snap-off blades as well as the hook snap-off blades, which are desired for cutting roof felt.

Zollstock B400 – Drywall Marking

Upon request, you can get our meter stick with our drywall markings. A colored marking at 3 positions of the folding rule (62.5cm, 125cm, and 187.5cm) specifically for drywall installers. The shape and color of the markings can be customized to match your company colors.

Wasserwaage Magneto

Magnetic and strong, this level can be easily placed on ladders and any position. This product offers even more advantages and is an absolute BAUMA recommendation.

Roll Tape Measure RBM 650 Pro with Horizontal Scaling

A tape measure with 2 different scales. The rear horizontal scaling is ideal for overhead work.

Plastic Scales

Water-resistant and waterproof, these scales last longer in humid environments than wooden yardsticks.

Yardsticks with High Rigidity

Yardsticks with external fittings like our models B250 Beech or B600 Beech or Glass Birch are highly popular in this craft.

Yardsticks with Natural Finish

If you prefer wood, then a yardstick with a simple wood look is perfect for you.

Carpenter’s Pencil

As the name suggests, carpenter’s pencils for carpenters, but also suitable for almost any trade. The all-rounder among construction pencils.

Yardstick B700 – for Wood Specialists

This measuring tool is highly sought after by our carpenters, joiners, and other wood industry craftsmen. It is particularly popular in Switzerland and Austria, where it is also known as the “Swiss” yardstick.

Tape Measures 3m-8m

In addition to yardsticks, tape measures are also in demand in the wood construction and timber trade. Ideal for measuring long boards and beams. Our high-quality tape measures are perfect when time is of the essence.

Utility Knife CM6200

The multipurpose utility knife CM6200 is compatible with snap-off blades as well as hook snap-off blades. It is particularly in demand for cutting floor coverings.

Stirring rods

made from sustainable materials. Currently not available on our website. We will be happy to provide you with an offer upon request.

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