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Measuring 45-degree angle yardstick

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There are several ways to measure a 45-degree angle with a yardstick. One method is to measure the angle by laying your yardstick on a flat surface and placing the corner of the folding rule at the desired location. Another method is to draw a line with your yardstick that forms the desired angle and then measure it with an angle measuring tool. There are also special angle measuring tools that can be attached to a folding rule for measuring them.

Another useful trick without much effort is as follows:
Open your yardstick to a length of three sections. Fold the first two sections so that the first section shows (as accurately as possible) 67.7 cm. Make sure that the tip of the metal section is at 67.7 cm and not pointing towards the wooden end.
If you now check the angle between the first section and the second section with an angle measuring tool or a protractor, it should be exactly 90 degrees.

How do I measure a 45-degree angle with a yardstick?

Similar to the 90-degree angle, the three sections need to be unfolded again, and the first section should now show 54.6 cm.
Many other angles can be measured in this way. Below is a list of the respective dimensions and degrees. Of course, a yardstick is not a substitute for an angle measuring tool, but it can still be a helpful aid when you don’t have anything else available.

Angle degreeMeasurement indication on the yardstick/ meter stick
20°46,2 cm = 18,19 inch
25°47,8 cm = 18,82 inch
30°49,2 cm = 19,37 inch
40°52,9 cm = 20,83 inch
45°54,6 cm = 21,50 inch
50°56,2 cm = 22,13 inch
55°57,8 cm = 22,76 inch
60°59,3 cm = 23,35 inch
65°60,8 cm = 23,94 inch
70°62,3 cm = 24,53 inch
75°63,7 cm = 25,08 inch
80°65,2 cm = 25,67 inch
85°66,4 cm = 26,14 inch
90°67,7 cm = 26,65 inch
95°68,9 cm = 27,13 inch
100°70,2 cm = 27,64 inch
Please note that the conversion from centimeters to inches has been rounded, so slight deviations may occur.
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