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B850 – The next generation plastic scale

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> March 2021 – BAUMA introduces the world’s first plastic scale with angle degree display. The demand is high. <

The new B850 – plastic scale is exemplary of BAUMA’s work and research. In addition to developments such as the patented 90° locking mechanism in the B400 model, the 2-in-1 blade technology in the CM9200 utility knife, our range of colors – including neon colors – and much more, the B850 is now being introduced.


The B850 – plastic scale in detail:

High-quality special plastic blend

Reinforced plastic for a strong grip – scratch and abrasion resistant – completely waterproof – and increased tension for measuring in the extended state. This plastic ruler provides more stability compared to other more elastic and flexible plastic scales.

B850 - Kunststoffmaßstab, B805 - Plastic Scale
The B850 – plastic scale comes in white as the standard color.

Angle degree display

4-fold 180-degree angle degree display – first segment on the inside and second segment on the outside.

Angle degree display
Angle degree display

Advantageous multi-functionality with 2 different scales!

Front side – scale in cm/mm.

scales on one ruler.
scales on one ruler.

Back side – special scale aligned with the object, divided in cm/mm, starting from the right.

Measure aligned from the right.

… or starting from the left.

Measure aligned from the left.

Application area

Sometimes, plastic is the way to go. Plastic scales are usually used in environments that are wet or damp. The material is water-resistant and durable. The B850 – plastic scale is also recommended in many other industries – thanks to the added value of the special scale, the tension, and the angle degree display. It’s a versatile plastic scale for professionals as well as DIY enthusiasts at an affordable price.

More BAUMA plastic scales

BAUMA offers the right plastic scale for you, from entry-level to professional. Plastic meter sticks in various lengths, sizes, and colors.
B820 – ABS plastic with red decimal numbers.
B830 2m – fiberglass-reinforced white, silver, or black plastic scale.
B830 3m – 3-meter fiberglass-reinforced plastic ruler in white.
B810 – 1m plastic ruler in various colors.


Customize your plastic scale:

  1. Size: BAUMA offers the plastic scale in the standard 2m version or, upon request, as a 1m or extra handy variant. The B830 model is also available in 3m, and our plastic keychain scales come in a length of 0.5m.
  2. Color of the ruler: Choose the color that suits your company. Additional custom colors are possible with a lead time of 1,000 pieces or more.
  3. Your advertising: Choose from classic pad printing in Pantone colors to 4-color digital printing in CMYK (photographic print).

We are happy to assist you: Phone number: +49 8682 8985 0 or contact us via our contact form.

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