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BAUMA – 70 years of tradition with quality folding rules or yardsticks produced in Germany

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  • BAUMA – 70 years of tradition with quality folding rules or yardsticks produced in Germany

The traditional enterprise BAUMA deals with the development, the printing as well as the sales of their versatile products. Therefore, we are a company that has committed itself right from the start of the enterprise to specifically fulfil the wishes of our major customers. When ordering a specific quantity for folding rules or yardsticks, personalised products including names are offered to you at a special price. In addition to these customized products according to customer requirements, we also have a wide range of standard products on offer, which are perfect for daily use. By now, folding rules in lengths of 1m, 2m and 3m have become standard on many construction sites.


Top class category in material and production is embodied in the Model B700

A classic is the wooden folding rule. When manufactured from noble wood it is completely elastic and flexible. The metal edging at the joints guarantees a clean snap in and therefore it is possible to measure longer distances without additional assistance. A clear lettering with a high contrast can easily be read even from a distance.

Model B600 made from beech wood or from glass birch wood offers a noble and high-quality appearance

The folding rule B600 made from wood stands out by displaying a noble and high-quality appearance. Lateral fittings in anthracite, black endings and covered rivets complete the overall picture

Inexpensive folding rules for newcomers and craftsmen like the Models B200 or B250

Solid folding rules for a small price like the Model B200 nevertheless, have the 90° angle division on the first link. Broken edges and magenta decimal numbers make it easy to read from this folding rule. This practical model is manufactured from red beech wood. Especially, the angle division on the products by Bauer can sometimes help on the construction site to check the angularity on the structural body. With the Model B250 for craftsmen an inexpensive folding rule made from beech wood is offered. Lateral brass fittings and red endings as well as decimal numbers in magenta are the characteristics that make this model suitable for daily use.

70 Years of Tradition: BAUMA Folding Rules Made in Germany

Folding rule and yardstick Model Bauer 850 and 830 with scratch and scrape proof characteristics

This high-quality folding rule is made of highly robust fiberglass-reinforced polyamide. Therefore, it is especially scratch and scrape resistant as well as bend-resistant. Furthermore, it is water-resistant and chemical-resistant. A wear-free and dirt-resistant patented joint which snaps in at precisely 90°. As with the other Bauer products an angle division is integrated. The Model B830 – the original is available as a folding rule with 2m or folding rule with 3m. With its close-fitting links this model is perfectly suitable for advertising imprints. The material used here is also fiberglass-reinforced polyamide. This ensures a guaranteed water resistance as well as flexibility. The edgings are extremely stable. An exact snap-in at exactly 90° is guaranteed for each link. The black, embossed scaling can be read perfectly. Design in black or silver are also available. As for most of the Bauer models Accuracy Class III applies.

Folding rules and yardsticks manufactured in real custom work by BAUMA in Germany

You can combine a yardstick by Bauer individually. In the process of doing this you can profit from the exclusive BAUMA service. Our colourful product range is unique and special. 19 basic coatings are complemented with 10 special finishes when ordering a minimum of 200 pieces. The basic length is 2m. Special lengths of 1m, 3m, 4m as well as advertising models of 0.5m are available. Colours are available in unlimited choice depending on the quantity purchased. Differently lacquered edgings are also feasible for quantities from 3000 pieces. Even shiny metallic colours like gold or silver are available. Also, the scaling is at your discretion and depends on what you prefer. As a standard the so-called Duplex division is used. This runs in opposite direction on both sides and is carried out in the metric scale. All BAUMA block scales offer the grading on the second link as a standard. Custom scaling in colours of your choice is possible respective of quantities ordered. Contact us and we will talk together about your individual desires and ideas!

Bestseller Folding Rule B400 with angle graduation

Our best and top selling folding rule is the Model B400. With the integrated original 90 ° right angle as well as the practical angle snap-in you can obtain this folding rule in the lengths of 2-4 m. The angle snap-in is a patented invention, which makes the work with this measuring tool easier. The offer of colour shades is extensive. You can choose the suitable model from 19 different colour shades.

Bauer Maßstabfabrik - Hersteller von Zollstöcken und Messwerkzeugen - Bildergalerie

Folding Rule for advertising purposes with the Model B300 or B500 manufactured by Bauer Maßstabfabrik

The B300 folding rule is equipped with polyamide joints and has very close-fitted edgings. Advertising imprints on these rules are especially effective. Even in the black version this model can be imprinted effectively for advertising purposes. On the other hand, the Model B500 is an especially smooth-running folding rule with internal steel spring joints. A standard grading system on the second link is available. With its planed endings this folding rule is ideal for imprinting according to the customers’ requirements.

Key rings that are absolutely functional are presented in many colours combinations

The Mini-Folding Rule-Keyring is a popular product as a promotion or as a little extra during customer talks. These key rings are a real eye catcher. With the characteristics of being decorative, practical and functional they are available in lengths of up to 0,5 m. There are nine basic colours with individual branding available. We will be happy to make you an offer for special colours on request. A little playful but absolutely practical these keyrings as folding rules are a good advertising medium which are gladly handed over to customers on trade fairs and events.

Standard Folding Rule made of plastic Model B820 and the colourful Model B810 Folding Rule

The standard plastic folding rule B820 snaps-in at each link at exactly 90° in a right angle. The black embossed scaling enables a perfect legibility. This is the ideal model as an introduction to the product when it comes to the purchase of plastic folding rules. This model is water resistant and has the accuracy class III. This folding rule is available in a length of 2 m.

For the folding rule B810 we use the designation “The Piccolos“. These stylistically very striking folding rules are manufactured from high quality plastic. Starting with a small quantity of 200 pieces we can offer the Folding Rule B810 in 15 different basic colours. Special colours are also possible on request. Especially the range of colourful 1 m folding rules, is considered to be a very special and eye-catching advertising medium. They can easily be tucked away in your trouser pockets but are also a very popular give away at trade fairs and other promotional events. As the larger models, the Piccolos also snap-in at exactly 90° and are equipped with metal rivets. The close-fitting links of this model enable full-surface image motifs.

Desired length and print selection with consistent digital print

Image print with white underlay on colourful folding rules are no problem at BAUMA. There are no limits to the design. Product images, company views, landscapes, art prints and personalised yardsticks and folding rules with names and photos of people, do not present any problems. Get in touch with us and let us know about your requests and we are sure to find an attractive solution for you. Go for quality when selecting the materials and profit from the graduation division as well as the exact 90° positioning of the joints.

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