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Bauma Physiotherapy

We keep our employees fit!

During an office workday where employees spend most of their time sitting, movement at the workplace, especially with regards to Bauma Physiotherapy, is absolutely necessary (eg “mouse arm”). Since back pain is now the common disease number 1 among the office workers, the company Bauer has considered a special way to fight the “cross-with-the-cross” the fight:

Once a week the company Bauer provides their staff with a physiotherapist who specializes in mobile care within the framework of in-house health care in companies, free of charge and during working hours. During this time, employees use a sophisticated concept to learn how to strengthen and mobilize various parts of the body to counteract all office diseases (neck and shoulder pain, cervical spine pain, etc.).

Through these varied exercises with gymnastic balls, Therabändern and the own body weight our employees are shown how they can bring their strained muscles in the office everyday independently to increased function again. The aim is to “help people help themselves” and to increase the strength, endurance and coordination of each participant. But also prophylactic exercises and training plans are put together individually by our Bauma physiotherapist for each individual employee, so that they can be carried out independently at home.

Bauer Maßstabfabrik - Hersteller von Zollstöcken und Messwerkzeugen - SV Laufen - Bauma Physiotherapy
Bauer Maßstabfabrik – Hersteller von Zollstöcken und Messwerkzeugen – Physiotherapie

Regular expansion of the Sports Program

Not only do we want to solve the back problems of our employees, but also regularly improve the muscles and fully strengthen the body to prevent problems in everyday life. What was initially planned only as a test physiotherapy is now an integral part of the office routine in the Bauma team and is enthusiastically accepted by the employees. Our goal is to provide every employee with the best opportunities to enable the long and stressful office life without back problems, etc.

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