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Our Comprehensive Guide: “The Best Promotional Items for Businesses – Yardsticks and Spirit Levels”

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  • Our Comprehensive Guide: “The Best Promotional Items for Businesses – Yardsticks and Spirit Levels”

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When you hear about yardsticks and spirit levels, you probably think of tools that help you measure lengths, angles, and levels. But did you know that these tools are more than just that? They are, in fact, excellent promotional items for businesses looking to stand out from the competition. Find out how in this article. Keep reading!

The key points:

  • The best promotional items: High-quality custom-printed yardsticks and spirit levels with logos as versatile brand promotion and customer retention tools for every industry.
  • Yardsticks and spirit levels: Durable, versatile, environmentally friendly, and practical for effective advertising.
  • Sustainable promotional items: Reflect company values, longevity, and quality.
  • Promotional item usage in Germany: 98% of individuals over 14 years old own them, and an impressive 90% actively use them.

Here's what you'll learn in this article:

Print yardsticks as promotional items - The right advertising is worth its weight in gold.

1.Which products are suitable as promotional items?

A promotional item is a customized product that a company uses to promote its brand. In this context, many companies incorporate promotional prints, such as logos or slogans.

Promotional items span various categories, ranging from stationery to cups and clothing. It is crucial to choose products that are not only useful for the target audience but also reflect the brand image and message of the company. Ultimately, the selection should aim to leave a positive impression and create a long-term memory of the company.

In addition to the construction and home improvement industry, yardsticks and spirit levels are suitable promotional items for any industry due to their durability, setting them apart from other products. Through BAUMA, you can customize these tools with your company logo or contact information.

  • Yardsticks and meter sticks: Wood/plastic, various lengths, scales, coatings, image printing possible
  • Tape measures and rulers: Plastic/metal, various lengths, scales, logo or motif printing
  • Spirit levels: Plastic/aluminum, various lengths, vials, profile or label printing
  • Utility knives and safety knives: Plastic/metal, various blades, handles, color selection, logo or motif printing
  • Construction pencils and craftsman pencils: Wood/plastic, various tips, color selection, logo or motif printing

These personalized gifts give your brand a unique presence in everyday life. Printed promotional items like these are an effective way to increase your company’s brand awareness and attract customers.

2. Why should one use promotional items for businesses?

Promotional items are an effective and popular form of marketing that can offer numerous benefits to your company. Here are some reasons why you should consider using promotional items:

  • Brand Awareness: They contribute to increasing brand awareness.
  • Customer Retention: They foster the loyalty of existing customers and attract new ones.
  • Usefulness: Promotional items like yardsticks and spirit levels are practical and frequently used.

Choosing promotional items from Bauer Maßstabfabrik allows your company to make a lasting impression. These useful tools are used daily, and placing your logo on them ensures continuous visibility to your target audience. This not only establishes a connection with your brand but also leaves a positive impression of the quality of your products or services. An ideal way to successfully represent your company.

3. What promotional items are available for businesses?


Standard promotional items like pens, T-shirts, mugs, and USB sticks may be widespread, but they often offer limited impact and originality. In contrast, BAUMA focuses on promotional gifts that stand out distinctly – our high-quality yardsticks and spirit levels provide companies with the opportunity to increase their visibility and build long-term customer loyalty.

Our range offers a wide selection of promotional gifts that are versatile in any industry to effectively promote your brand. This includes:

  • Yardsticks and Meter Sticks: Everyday tools for various applications.
  • Spirit Levels: Precision in construction, ideal for a perfect brand presentation.
  • Utility Knives: Versatile tools, perfect for showcasing your company logo.
  • Tape Measures: Flexible and precise length measurement for different needs.
  • High-Quality Packaging: Individual packaging for the professional use of promotional products.

Our strength also lies in custom manufacturing with our Exclusive Service, creating tailor-made promotional gifts that precisely meet your requirements. Keep in mind that this is only a small part of our extensive range. We are here to assist you in selecting the perfect promotional gifts for your company. Expand your advertising strategy and opt for sustainable, effective promotional measures with BAUMA.

4. What are the best promotional items for customers?

In general, items that provide high utility in everyday life and allow for creativity in design, such as through promotional printing, are highly valued. Practical tools like yardsticks and spirit levels, for example, are very popular in the DIY/home improvement sector.

However, they are also widely embraced in other industries such as construction, architecture and design, DIY/home improvement stores, real estate, education, as well as at trade shows and events, thanks to their adaptable versatility and diverse applications. An example from a newspaper article in the Salzburger Nachrichten illustrates the extensive use of our products:

“The yardsticks from Laufen are available for purchase or as promotional gifts at almost all football clubs in the first and second German Bundesliga, adult entertainment businesses, kitchen studios, law firms, taxi companies, breweries, dairies, banks, and insurance companies, to name just a few.”

– Philipp M. Bauer (CEO of Bauer Maßstabfabrik)

Source: Salzburger Nachrichten October issue from October 13, 2023

BAUMA offers these products with extensive customization, making them perfect promotional items for marketing your company. These promotional gifts are not only useful but can also be individually designed to strengthen brand presence and leave a lasting impression.

Bauer Maßstabfabrik - Hersteller von Zollstöcken und Messwerkzeugen - Wasserwaage LAG

5. Where can you get promotional items with logo printing?

Printing promotional items with your company logo is an effective method to promote your brand and stand out from the competition. But where can you find a provider for this service? Look no further than BAUMA!

Furthermore, we offer you the opportunity not only to print your unique company logo but also any image or photo on yardsticks and spirit levels. This adds a personal touch to your customer gifts. You’ll receive not only the highest quality but also a wide range of colors, including special colors when printing your promotional gifts. Be creative and design your items according to your vision!

We offer various printing methods, including pad printing, digital printing, and doming 3D stickers, so you can make the best choice for your needs:

  • Pad printing: precise, fast, and cost-effective
  • Digital printing: flexible, can represent all colors and gradients, especially suitable for photos or complex designs
  • Doming: a finishing technique that creates a three-dimensional appearance and a tactile appeal. Doming protects the design from abrasion, UV light, and moisture, giving it a high-quality gloss.

BAUMA – Your partner for high-quality promotional items with a logo that strengthen your brand presence and leave lasting impressions. We optimize your advertising efforts with individual solutions.

Bauer Maßstabfabrik - Hersteller von Zollstöcken und Messwerkzeugen - Doming

6. Why should one choose sustainable promotional items like yardsticks and spirit levels?

Sustainable gifts not only contribute to environmental conservation but also signal a responsible and future-oriented image for your company. The use of sustainable promotional products is particularly meaningful, as 62% of these items stay in the possession of the recipient for more than a year (Statistics: Gesamtverband der Werbeartikel-Wirtschaft e.V.). Yardsticks and spirit levels as promotional items are the perfect choice when seeking sustainable promotional gifts. Their quality, customization options, and practicality make them outstanding promotional tools.

  • Outstanding Quality: Sustainable products are usually manufactured with higher quality standards.
  • Longevity: Sustainable materials are often more durable, providing a lasting promotional impact.
  • Practicality: They are not just useful tools but also serve as a daily reminder of your brand.

At BAUMA, we prioritize sustainability – Made in Germany! Raw materials from local companies, water-based paints and colors, and support for local forestry are at the forefront. Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified, products comply with REACH requirements and carry the CE mark, and packaging bears the RESY symbol. Annual investments in modern technologies optimize workflows and enhance product quality.

Choose Bauer Maßstabfabrik as your partner for sustainable promotional gifts!

7. Who needs promotional items like yardsticks and spirit levels?

The answer: almost everyone! Because they are useful, practical, and attractive. They can strengthen customer loyalty, promote brand awareness, and convey the values of the company. In Germany, an astonishing 98% of people over 14 years old own promotional products. This high number illustrates the broad acceptance and relevance of promotional gifts in daily life. Even more impressive is that 90% of recipients actively use promotional items. (Statistics: Gesamtverband der Werbeartikel-Wirtschaft e.V.).

  • Craftsmen and Construction Companies: Yardsticks and spirit levels are indispensable for precise measurements and efficient work.
  • Architects and Designers: In the world of architecture and design, precise measuring tools are essential.
  • Trade Show and Event Managers: Their versatility makes them practical companions for trade show and event managers, frequently involved in setup and planning.
  • DIY Enthusiasts: In the world of DIY, they are popular tools for various projects.
  • Educational Institutions: Schools and educational institutions can use them as educational tools. Promotional products not only support teaching but also shape young minds with your brand.
  • Environmental Organizations: Companies emphasizing sustainability can use yardsticks and spirit levels as symbols of environmental consciousness and spread their message.
  • Automotive Industry: In workshops and auto dealerships, precise measurements are indispensable for repairs and inspections.
  • Financial Sector: In banks and financial institutions, they could serve as symbols of accurate and thoughtful financial planning while acting as unique promotional tools.

Yardsticks and spirit levels are not only popular as customer gifts at trade shows but are also appreciated in various (sports) clubs. Their adaptability makes them a smart choice for a wide range of industries and occasions beyond craftsmanship.

These are just a few examples of many where our promotional gifts find application. We help you expand your brand reach and leave a lasting impression!

8. What are meaningful promotional gifts?

Promotional gifts should not only serve as ambassadors for your brand but also provide real value. At BAUMA, we emphasize meaningful and practical promotional items that not only look stylish but also prove to be genuinely useful in everyday life. Here are points that highlight the importance of a meaningful promotional gift:

  • Appealing to diverse customers: High-quality tools such as spirit levels and yardsticks that are useful in various industries.
  • Eco-friendly items: Promotional materials made from sustainable materials, showcasing environmental consciousness.
  • Personalized gifts: Products with individual messages, company logos, or promotional prints.

At BAUMA, we comprehend the significance of promotional products that not only represent your brand value but also offer tangible benefits. High-quality tools, environmentally friendly items, and personalized gifts are integral parts of our extensive range aimed at effectively supporting your advertising efforts.

9. What makes Bauer Maßstabfabrik yardsticks and spirit levels unique as promotional items?

Choosing BAUMA yardsticks and spirit levels as promotional items is a clear investment in quality, innovation, and a long-term partnership. Here are the unique features that make them outstanding advertising mediums:

  • Outstanding Quality: As a leading provider in Germany for precision and custom printing, BAUMA ensures exceptional quality.
  • A Sustainable Investment: BAUMA tools not only provide immediate utility but also offer a lasting advertising impact. This turns every investment in our products into a sustainable step for your brand.
  • Customization – Your Company Logo, Your Message: With BAUMA, you have the flexibility to customize our products according to your preferences.
  • Versatility: Our yardsticks and spirit levels find applications in various industries, from craftsmen to architects. The versatility of our products emphasizes their broad utility and the ability to appeal to diverse target audiences.
  • Everyday Practicality: Our products are not just useful tools; they serve as daily reminders of your brand.
  • Cost Efficiency: BAUMA products are not only of high quality but also cost-effective. They contribute to optimal resource utilization while minimizing expenses.
  • Private Manufacturing: We accommodate special requests for custom colors, lengths, specific scaling, and individual packaging.
  • Patented 90° Angle Fitting: Our original angle fitting (Model B400) proves its worth millions of times annually and has already sold over 80 million units.
  • Tradition and Vision: With over 150 years of expertise and 75 years of Bauer tradition for the highest “Made in Germany” standard.

Choose BAUMA when you seek top-notch promotional gifts that not only function as tools but also represent a strong identity, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

Conclusion - 3 Unbeatable Reasons for Yardsticks and Spirit Levels:

Yardsticks and spirit levels stand out as the best promotional items for businesses, thanks to their versatility, durable quality, environmental friendliness, and the ability to appeal to a wide range of industries. Their everyday practicality, coupled with personalized branding, turns them into effective marketing tools that boost brand awareness, foster customer loyalty, and leave a lasting impression.

In summary, the exceptional features of BAUMA products as promotional tools make them the ideal choice for companies seeking qualitative and versatile solutions.

Do you want to have yardsticks or other measuring tools printed?

We are happy to provide you with non-binding and, of course, free advice. Please contact us via the contact form or call us at +49(0)868289850.

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The Bauer Maßstabfabrik produces high-quality, individually designed measuring tools under the motto ‘Made in Germany.’ Our product range includes, among others, image prints on brightly painted yardsticks, tape measures, utility knives, and spirit levels.

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