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Sharp – sharper – cutter knifes by BAUMA

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Cutter Knife Manufacturer BAUMA – Double Sharpness Is Already in the Name. The blades of these tools are extra sharp and never need to be resharpened. When the tip loses its cutting power, it can simply be snapped off, and the knife remains ready for use at all times.

Utility Knife CM-5200 in Various Colors

Clever design and practical functionality

At BAUMA, we strive for thoughtful design and high-quality standards. Find the best knife for your specific needs:

  • Multipurpose knife

The best-selling cutter knife for household, craft, and industrial use. The triple-sharpened break-off blades ensure unrestricted functionality. The smooth blade feed makes handling easy, and the locking mechanism provides necessary safety. With their modern design, these knives also serve as excellent promotional items.

  • Cutter knife for wet environments

These two-component knives are completely rust-free, making them suitable for use in moist environments.

Utility Knife CM-8200
  • Automatic knife function

The automatic blade retraction and locking mechanism make these knives both sharp and safe cutting tools. The specially sharpened SK-4 break-off blades allow cutting only as long as they are pushed forward with the thumb. When the handle is released, the blade immediately retracts into its secure metal guide.

  • Safety knife

Our special safety knives with retractable trapezoidal blades also feature this mechanism. The self-retracting safety blade ensures optimal protection during work.

  • Special requests

We understand that our customers have demanding requirements and like to stand out from the advertising crowd. We are prepared to meet special requests and offer customized solutions even for small quantities. From multipurpose knives to safety knives, we gladly fulfill unique requirements for any industry. Challenge us and request a quote today. Our attentive customer service is always a cut above.

Cuttermesser Hersteller BAUMA - cutter knife manufacturer BAUMA
Cutter Knife CM-6300

Would you like it a bit sharper?

The biggest advantage of a cutter knife is that it always stays sharp. You never have to part ways with your tool; you simply bid farewell to the worn-out blade and continue cutting with a fresh one. There’s no need to sharpen the knife or use additional tools for blade replacement. The workflow seamlessly continues with uninterrupted sharpness.
Craftsmen always keep this valuable tool within reach in their pockets. As cutting injuries are among the most common workplace accidents, BAUMA as professional cutter knife manufacturer, ensures optimal safety. Automatic blade retraction and retractable trapezoidal blades offer the best possible protection against injuries.
At BAUMA, you can find multipurpose knives and specialized knives for all kinds of applications. Professional craftsmen from various industries will find what they need, just like hobbyists.
We offer the sharpest knives with:

  • Trapezoidal blades
  • Break-off blades
  • Hook blades

Affordable household knives are just as sleek as professional craft knives.

Cutter Knife in zoom cm-6200

What makes cutter knife manufacturer BAUMA so special?
Our products are not only sharp in design but also meet the highest safety standards. We achieve this by manufacturing, testing, refining, and packaging our cutter knives in our own factory in Bavaria, Germany. Quality “Made in Germany” is a traditional commitment at BAUMA.

The same quality standards apply to our custom prints. From multipurpose knives to safety knives, we always hit the mark with the advertising requirements of our customers from all industries.

As a renowned cutter knife manufacturer, we offer products that promise double sharpness right in their name. Our extra-sharp blades don’t require resharpening and can simply be snapped off when their cutting power diminishes. With thoughtful design and high-quality craftsmanship, our utility knives meet all demands. Explore our diverse range:

  • Multipurpose Knife: Triple-sharpened breakaway blades for household, crafting, and industrial use.
  • Moisture-resistant Utility Knife: Rustproof, two-component knives designed for damp environments.
  • CM-8200 Utility Knife: Featuring automatic functionality and sharpened SK-4 breakaway blades.
  • Safety Knife: Equipped with retractable trapezoid blades for optimal workplace safety.

We also fulfill custom requests and provide excellent customer service. Our knives always stay sharp and are easy to handle. Trust BAUMA, your reliable cutter knife manufacturer.


Customize your cutter knife

We are happy to assist you. Phone number: +49 8682 8985 0 or contact us through our contact form.

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