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Interview with the Managing Director and Owner of the Franz Josef Bauer Scale Factory


Which Company Principle / Model applies to the Bauer Scale Factory?

Global thinking, regional action – that has always been the central point of view for me. In recent years, we have proven that the production location Germany is successfully possible. All articles that leave the house at Bauma, whether in-house production or commercial articles, are printed, finished or repackaged at the Laufen site.

Bauer Maßstabfabrik - Hersteller von Zollstöcken und Messwerkzeugen - Global denken, regional handeln - Global thinking
Bauer Measuring Scale Factory – Manufacturer of rulers and measuring tools – Think globally, act locally

“The industry’s largest and strongest benchmark range, with currently eight standard wood-scale models and five plastic models.”

A Scale Factory is already something out of the ordinary, was that as a small boy your dream job?

I always wanted to become a “scale”. No firefighter, no astronaut and no cowboy. [laughs] It fills me to continue our family tradition. I am very grateful to my parents for giving me this opportunity. We are very proud of our growth in recent years and above all, that we can look into a positive future for our company.

Which range of Scales does Bauma offer?

Above all, we want to offer our customers a wide variety of products. Bauma currently has the industry’s largest range of wood and plastic products. From affordable entry-level models to professional tools, there’s something for every requirement. To emphasize, of course, is our patented model B400. The angle steel fitting engages exactly at 90 ° degrees and is extremely popular with craftsmen. A model of ours that I recommend to everyone.

“High quality and good service to our customers are our daily incentive.”

What does the Bauma Scale Factory value?

In addition to a high quality and the most flexible and wide range of services, an informative and balanced service is very important to our customers. There will always be cheaper providers, but we are committed to continuity in all matters. This is the only way to build up a long-standing and successful business relationship between customers and suppliers

Why choose Bauma?

Our company is a third generation family business with own production in Germany. We offer our customers an individual consultation with heart and a large and varied selection of high quality tools in a wide range of colors! We are price stable and reliable in all respects. Do you need more reasons?

“We are price stable and reliable”

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