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Perfect precision with BAUMA’s tape measures

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  • Perfect precision with BAUMA’s tape measures

Measuring is something everyone needs to do at some point. With BAUMA, it not only happens with utmost precision, but our tape measures also come in vibrant colors upon request. Design and functionality go hand in hand at BAUMA when it comes to the promotional effectiveness of tools & co. Even a tape measure can serve as an eye-catching promotional item while remaining a precise measuring instrument of high quality. Our quality products, Made in Germany, always fulfill their original purpose and can be surprisingly attractive.

Preis-/Leistungsschlager - das RBM 650 in eleganter Optik  mit Nylonmaßband und beidseitiger Skalierung 1x Horzinzontalmessung, 1 x Vertikalmessung - veredelbar mit Ihrem Werbedoming - tape measure
Measuring Tape RBM 650 – with Domed Sticker
BAUMA delivers customized products

With BAUMA’s high-quality tape measures, you always have your measurements in perfect view. If desired, our special scales can be customized to any unit of measurement. A high accuracy class ensures exceptionally precise measurements. The tape measures adapt to individual needs with various tape lengths. Options such as self-locking function, case measuring tapes, or magnets make the selection versatile. In terms of design, nylon tapes and housings are available in your desired color, making tape measures attractive as promotional items. The CE-certified quality marking in accordance with EU directives completes the extensive features of our tape measures.

RBM 350 – Profi-Plus

Choose from our wide range:

This robust model withstands falls from great heights without damage. Therefore, this is ideal for professional use. A rubber casing ensures shock resistance and non-slip properties.

With this functional tape measure, you can always perform precise measurements both horizontally and vertically, even in moist environments.

For precise measurements under poor lighting conditions. With a stainless steel case and a strong C14 magnet tip.

Our eye-catching domings ensure particularly strong advertising impact on tape measures and other products. These are three-dimensional resin stickers that turn the tape measure into an effective promotional eye-catcher.

RBM 650 – Nylon Tape Measure with Dual-Sided Scaling (Vertical/Horizontal)
Measure with BAUMA tape measures and work smoothly

The many great features of BAUMA tape measures ensure smooth measurements:

  • Measurement accuracy

Class II accuracy ensures high precision.

  • Guaranteed quality

The CE-certified quality marking complies with applicable EU directives and ensures high-quality standards.

  • End hook

Triple-riveted hooks provide reliable stability. Movable hooks contribute to high precision in measurements under both warm and cold weather conditions.

  • Tape

Nylon tape or nylon-coated tape offers sustainable durability. The stop function allows for precise locking at the millimeter level, ensuring measurement accuracy.

Measuring Tape 450 with Transparent Casing
  • Housing

The impact-resistant ABS plastic housing makes our tape measures reliable and robust tools. The non-slip rubber casing cushions impacts and ensures a long service life. All materials are produced without toxic plasticizers and are PAK-free.

  • Extras

A belt clip, wrist strap, or magnet facilitate practical use. Our tape measures are delivered with a metric scale in centimeters and millimeters as standard.

  • Custom requests

By default, we cater to individual customer preferences. If you have specific color ideas, need a different scale, or want to order a tape measure in a different length, request a quote right away. Custom-made products are part of BAUMA’s standard customer service. Depending on the product, we can fulfill custom requests starting from 1000 pieces.

  • Advertising opportunity

Of course, we also provide an effective advertising opportunity for our tape measures. The recess on the back of the housing is ideal for your advertising with a 3D doming sticker. We are happy to advise you on advertising with tape measures.

Bauer Maßstabfabrik - Hersteller von Zollstöcken und Messwerkzeugen - Rollbandmaße 850 LED

Customize your  tape measure!

We are happy to assist you. Phone number: +49 8682 8985 0 or contact us through our contact form.

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