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Our Topseller Knife Trio in quick overview & Rolling Tape dimensions for the clever Craftsman

Wherever you work there is always something to cut – whether it’s material itself or packaging that needs to be opened. For this purpose, we present you our sharp offers: Even small quantities are customizable or neutral stock. Our most popular utility knife model CM 5200 is a very robust 2-component knife. That is, the PAK-free rubber jacket is integrated in the plastic housing. An automatically locking stopper prevents the additional fixing of the blade and thus simplifies the work.

The feed is very smooth and the knife is very good in the hand. It comes standard with three blades. One blade in the barrel, and two more in the magazine. The blades are very easy to change and are particularly sharp. This knife is available in different colors.

Two more Bauma Knives have been causing a sensation for some time

Our top seller trio is completed with the multi-purpose CM 7200 and CM8200 knives. Especially the CM 7200 offers a standard SK4-05 blade, which means even sharper due to the 3-fold sharpening! Noteworthy is the improved smooth running of the blade, which is fixed by an automatically locking stopper.

This knife consists of a continuous metal slide, with the PAH-free and non-slip rubber jacket firmly connected to the plastic housing. The silver CM 8200 is absolutely rust-free and lies particularly easy in the hand. It consists of a robust 2-component housing with special triple sharpened 440A-05 blade, which is also fixed by an automatic stopper. Regardless of the case, the integrated special 440A-05 blade is absolutely rust free.

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