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What do the markings on the yardstick mean?

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On a folding rule, there are various markings that allow for different measurements.
The main markings are the centimeter and inch markings. These markings enable you to measure lengths in centimeters or inches (depending on the type of folding rule you are using).
Some folding rules also feature special markings like angle markings, which allow you to measure angles, or hatching markings, which enable you to calculate areas. There are also yardsticks that have special functions, such as folding rules with built-in rulers, spirit levels, screwdrivers, etc.

It is important to know that there are different types of yardsticks that may differ in their functions. Additionally, there are the following markings found on most folding rules:

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The CE marking is a conformity marking that is affixed to products sold in the European Union. It indicates that the product meets the basic requirements of EU directives.

The CE marking on a yardstick means that the product complies with the EU directives for measuring tools and can be used safely. This includes compliance with safety and health protection regulations, as well as environmental regulations.

It is important to note that the CE marking does not guarantee the quality or performance of the product. There are other factors to consider before purchasing a folding rule, such as accuracy, durability, and usability.

Accuracy class:

The accuracy class on a folding rule indicates how accurate the measurement result is. It is usually indicated by a number or letter that represents the tolerance or deviation of the measurement result from the actual length.
There are different accuracy classes that may vary depending on the country and manufacturer. In Europe, accuracy classes are defined according to DIN 862 (German standard) or ISO 3650 (International standard).
The accuracy class is typically indicated in fractions of a millimeter. For example:

  • Class I: 0,02 mm
  • Class II: 0,05 mm
  • Class III: 0,1 mm

There are also yardsticks with higher accuracy used by professional users, such as in mechanical engineering, tool manufacturing, and measurement and testing technology.
The higher the accuracy class, the more precise the measurement result. However, it is important to note that higher accuracy may be associated with a higher price and that sometimes higher accuracy is not necessary depending on the application.


Angle divisions:

Angle divisions refer to the markings on a folding rule that allow for measuring angles. These markings can be displayed in degrees or minutes.
Some folding rules have a built-in angle measurement scale that allows you to directly measure angles with the folding rule. Other folding rules may not have a built-in angle measurement scale but can still be used for measuring angles by using them as a ruler to draw a line forming the desired angle and then measuring it with an angle gauge.
Angle divisions can be displayed in degrees or minutes. One degree corresponds to 1/360 of a circle, and one minute corresponds to 1/60 of a degree.
There are also special angle gauges that can be attached to a folding rule to measure angles.
It is important to note that the accuracy of angle measurement also depends on the quality and calibration of the folding rule, and that different applications may require higher or lower accuracy.

Verification markings:

Verification markings on a yardstick are markings applied by manufacturers to verify the accuracy of the folding rule. These markings are usually located on the back of the folding rule and are generally not intended for everyday use.
Verification markings can come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the manufacturer and model of the folding rule. They may consist of lines, grooves, or notches, for example.
Verification markings are used to check the accuracy of the folding rule and ensure that it meets the requirements of the accuracy class. This verification is usually carried out by an independent testing body and can also be performed by customers.
It is important to note that verification markings are not intended for everyday use of the folding rule and that different accuracy requirements exist depending on the application.

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